Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars and Emu Eggs

By the weekend last week I was feeling sort of zombified, I (gasp!) didn’t do anything Friday night and slept in Saturday and Sunday which was so nice! I think Sean’s been a bit tired lately, too; we both have had a lot on our plates.

Sean reminded me that this weekend was the end of Restaurant Week in DC (doesn’t it feel like it’s always restaurant week, though?!) so to take advantage of it, I got us reservations Saturday night at Napoleon Bistrot, on Columbia Rd., for dinner. We both really liked it; it had great modern interpretations of French classics. Think Salade Nicoise and Crepe Suzettes. The only drawback is it’s a bit cramped, so it’s hard to have an intimate dinner (though not as loud and cramped as Bistrot “We Don’t Use Breadplates in France” Du Coin).

Sunday we spent half the day in bed, which is always nice. We went to an Oscar watching party at some of Sean’s friends. Before going there we stopped at the Whole Foods on Leesburg Pike and Sean pointed out to me emu eggs. Emus have big eggs, much like their cousin the ostrich. Except theirs are green! I couldn’t get over how alien they look! I wouldn’t begin to know how to use one, but they are fun to look at…

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blue dog said...

Oh I want one!