Friday, February 20, 2009


I know she’s been all over the news lately, and I wanted to avoid blogging about her, but I can’t help it. She fascinates me in the same way Dina Lohan does. It’s that whole you-can’t-help-but-look-at-a-car-accident thing. Only this is more like a derailed train carrying nitroglycerin, crashing in slow motion.

I can’t even imagine the pain of carrying 8 children. And I love how she’s like a white-trash version of Angelina Jolie. 8 more children and she’s a single mother on welfare. Lovesit! No, really, I think it's it's fabulous, don't think I wouldn't do the same thing.

PS- “Octomom” if you’re reading this: Let’s say I have this, um, friend, and he’s obsessed (mildly) with a silver-haired CNN anchor. We’ll call him Nanderson Nooper. So let’s say he was devising a scheme to “accidentally” have 8 of Nanderson’s children… what was the name of that fertility clinic you went you?

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