Friday, October 03, 2008

Gala Weekend

I'm very much looking forward to joining my friends - and Sean - for the HRC national gala dinner tomorrow. I'll have pictures soon!

And I thought about commenting on the vice-presidential debates last night, but it honestly bores me. Though it was funny watching it with my friends at Halo (and playing "Palin Bingo") and watching all the hypocrisy go down. Of course all the "power gays" in the bar booed when Our Lady of Wasilla said she opposed gay marriage. But it was priceless to watch all the Obamassiah-loving queens not know what to do when their man, Biden, said the same thing! Ha! And you fools give him your vote$ and (more importantly) money.
Now, in light of Biden's anti-marriage stance last night, will someone tell me why he's a guest of honor at the HRC gala dinner? Just wondering...

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blue dog said...

That's a very good question! LOL shall I ask him?