Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm baack

Well I am home, and feeling that down feeling that always comes from returning to "reality" and coming back to the States - which generally depresses me anyway. I had a wonderful, wonderful time though. Puerto Rico is amazing island, full of the kind of beauty you have to pinch yourself because it doesn't seem real. Beaches with clear-blue water, rain forests and jungle waterfalls, banana and sugar plantations, and 500 years of Spanish history. Overall I think it's a place worth seeing.

I don't have all of the pictures up yet, but you can see the ones I do have by clicking here.

I think I've had my fill of plantains for awhile - they do love cooking with bananas. Yummy stuff! (see: Mofongo) And a word of warning - Puerto Ricans, no offense, are the bat-shit craziest drivers I've ever dealt with. Red lights and traffic lanes are only a suggestion there, it seems. And street paving is a concept that hasn't entirely caught on, nor has drainage. It rained one day (one day wasn't too bad - the island missed the hurricanes fortunately!) and I discovered that 1-2 foot deep "puddles" are not uncommon. LOL. I'm not looking forward to going back to work, but I feel overall very recharged which is what I needed.

My friend P is in England right now, but I love what the Blue Dog's been writing while I was away. Preach the truth!

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Something to say. said...

Oh dear! the drainage! LOL. Either way, glad to hear you had a great and relaxing time. It does look like a beautiful place!