Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DILF Wednesdays: It's Time to Crash a Wedding

Why didn't someone tell me about this while there was still time to pull a Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and stop this travesty, I mean "wedding," from happening!

My crush in the UK, the British equivalent of my Anderson Cooper obsession, former London chief of police Brian Paddick got married. He eloped to Norway with some nobody and to rub it in my face, wrote about it!
Is that how you do me, Brian? I have to find out about these lies in The Daily Mail of all places! Fine, I see how it is, next time you see me in London I'll be holding hands with that Vladimir guy.


blue dog said...

Oh no he didn't! who doe's he think he is?

The pooch is on speed dial... clearly he thought doing it in Norway would slip under the radar.

Something to say. said...

Hahaha! love the comment!

He is something else though. Oh dear, he's super delicious looking. Good for the happy couple though.