Thursday, September 25, 2008


So being in-the-know of the culinary world due to my boyfriend and his colleagues, I always am amused at the emerging culinary trends. I often ask myself, “What’s next?” Of course the by the time a trend trickles down from London and Paris, to New York – and then way further down to DC – it’s usually stale. Take Thai for instance. Ages ago I remembered the Thai places all over London. Then New York. And a few years ago the trend hit this area and it seemed for awhile there were more Thai joints than Chinese take out! (Not that this is a bad thing, I do adore Thai food).

So now it seems around here the great trend is cupcakes. Here in DC we had CakeLove, and now it too is facing competition from others. A new place just opened last week over on Connecticut Ave. by Dupont Circle. Cake Love has locations in the suburbs now, and there’s some place over in Georgetown that just opened up as well.

Now I do love cupcakes, but none of these fools can come close the Magnolia Bakery in New York. Every time I’m in NYC I make the pilgrimage down to Bleeker St. to wait in line and get my cakes. They rarely make it back home ; )

But now that I think about it, I think Magnolia’s cakes might be cursed. I used to think it was just NYC, which is why I hesitate to go there with Sean. I mean a trip to NYC, for me, have always spelled relationship doom. Casey and I would always get into arguments going there – and we broke up there. Drunky and I didn’t break up there per se, but during that shiteous bus ride back, he brooded the whole way back to DC. And both break-ups were after… you guessed it, after visiting Magnolia Bakery! Those cupcakes are darksided!

Of course, Sean and I broke the curse on Harper’s Ferry, so who knows, maybe we’d be just fine!

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M said...

great, now all I'm thinking of is cupcakes.....last night it was Chinese, last week hot chocolate ::sigh:: are we ever going to eat or is this some form of torture ;)