Monday, August 04, 2008

Why So Serious?

Saturday I spent at my building’s pool trying to get more sun. I try to be nice with my neighbors – I have some I really like, but there’s a lot of douchey people I live around that I don’t even bother saying ‘hi’ to. Nevertheless I sunned until a freak rainstorm hit. I met Sean for dinner and we went out for drinks…

More “Ex and the City” Menage-a-trois edition:

So we were out at Windows (aka Widows) for karaoke and ran into a pretty inebriated ex who shall remain nameless (no, it wasn’t Drunky). So he comes over and hangs out with Sean and I, and starts getting touchy-feely with me - and I can see Sean’s patience with the situation quickly filling up. Then ex starts joking “Hey, remember that time Adam got so drunk at Cobalt he started making out with me instead of you!” Awkward…Then, after serenading us with Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” said ex starts getting touchy-feely with Sean and me both. He even tried kissing Sean on the lips. What’s that saying, two’s company; three’s a crowd. We left pretty quickly. As in Sean and I, not with the ex. Looking back, I owe Sean big-time – he kept his cool when I would’ve tossed someone out the damn window. The center of attention – even when we’re up against the wall!

So last night Sean and I went joined Margo, Fred and Marc to see The Dark Knight, the new Batman movie. I really liked it! I think Heath Ledger’s Joker stole the show – he’s really the most interesting and complex villain I’ve seen in a long time. You actually find yourself rooting for him instead of Batman. The nurse scene was my favorite – I won’t spoil it but while I’m not huge on summer action movies, I do recommend this one. It’s a bit darker and noir than the other Batman movies and underscores what a loss it was when Ledger died.

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princevuitton said...

Sounds like a job for water and earth. "Come sit with us! Have a drink! What's that? You feel shakey? LOL"