Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys of Summer

I had a great weekend - I watched Margo & Fred's pets Friday and Saturday while they were in NYC, and Saturday night we went out with Sean's friends to Halo and tres tragique JR's but we still had fun. Halo's remodeled upstairs looks REALLY nice, I recommend going to see it. It's like a conversation I was having with one of Sean's friends is that DC really needs more classy options like Halo for drinking - but I've covered that topic oh so many times..

Sunday we managed to get up moderately early and go to Rehoboth Beach for the day. We both had a great time, except the water seemed unseasonably cold. Oh well, we'll be in the Caribbean soon and won't have to worry about that. Did the boardwalk thing and had dinner and a gay bar/restaurant called Aqua Grille. The shirtless waiters in sailor outfits was a nice touch! oh, the food was good too. On the way home we stopped at my namesake, the famous Adam's Fruit Market. Indeed, that should be the name of my life.

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