Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I need helpful hints: what is the best place in the DC metro region for tanning? I mean as in real tanning beds. I know, I know, cancer risk blah blah but a few death rays are a small price to pay for bronzed skin. And I’m not doing that spray-tan stuff because I’ve heard too many horror stories and seen too many tragic mishaps of orange skin; I’ll take my chances on the UV rays. I feel too pale – I try to get sun when I can but that usually winds up being my face, arms, and feet. In Mexico last year I was embarrassed by my pallor in comparison to the other guys on the beach. Granted some of them were Corinthian-leather-brown, but still I’m like to look healthy before hitting the beach. It’s ironic, tanning before the beach. Like those gyms where everyone is already buff so you feel like you need to work out before you work out. Discuss!

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