Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sk8r Boi Man?

Ok - has anyone else noticed the apparent trend of guys who looks over 25 riding around on skateboards?!?
Yes, grown men, seriously commuting around on skateboards. I had a skateboard once... when I was 15. Sean and I have seen so many men who are way too old to be on skateboards lately. It's enough to make even Avril Levine sick. Guys: it's called accepting age with dignity.

One trend I do like is the seeming resurgence of fedoras. Those close to me know my fetish for hats (Sean still harasses me when I buy one - "Adam how many hats do you have already?!") So of course I have a few fedoras added to my summer collection. No skateboards though LOL.

I had fun last night at Halo with F and my friend Kim and her girlfriend who's in town from London. Yummy black cherry cosmos, which I totally stole the recipe from Halo to make on my own. I begrudgingly admit that Cobalt makes a good passion fruit cosmo, too. It's all in the vodka!

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Don't we all have a right to just bitch.... said...

OMG!!! I completely agree! I noticed and commented on the same thing over the week-end. They seem to be everywhere. Re-capturing their youth, perhas? Whatever the reason, it's sad and right up there with men who dye their hair(s). LOL

The "skaters" are all over the place just at the corner of Phillip's house. I saw them making videos (group of them) of themselves "performing" difficult skateboards stunts. Sad, that there is no respect for even more sad that it's the African American Civil War Memorial they are showing off their "talents".

Never a dull moment in life!