Friday, July 18, 2008


So while persuing options for the weekend, I came across a high-larious add for “Rehobus.” It’s a bus that takes gay people to Rehoboth Beach. I can only imagine it’s like those cheap Chinatown death-mobiles that go to New York City, only for cheap queens who can't afford to drive.
And not just any queens. Oh no, it gets better. It's apparently is run by Daddy Complex Duplex Diner.
Oh Joy – imagine being on a bus full of those queens. It’s like my friend P says: “Power gays? More like power bottoms!”
(I swear, P, you need to trademark that phrase.)

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Something to say. said...

Ok, honestly you do keep me young honey. I love this last posting on the "Daddy Complex" to Reho what? lol

Love it!!!

We should head back over soon, we're "missing" out.