Monday, July 28, 2008

Let Me Break the Ice…

Britney vs. Beyonce night at Town was a lot of fun – of course Britney won (as if there was any contest with P around, making sure she won). My plans of lying by the pool the next day were put on hold because it was just too damn hot – so instead I bought some books and joined Sean for sushi once he got off work.

Sean had to go deal with the remodel of his restaurant that’s been a recurring hassle lately, so I joined P and F at Annie’s…mere moments, I hear, after a certain someone had left. Oh pity. There was a big thunderstorm – love storms!, we went shopping, and then I went to Margo’s for a party she was throwing for an adorable 4-year old who’s staying with her. The Little Mermaid was the theme of her party – great minds think alike! Hell, I’m 27 and that was a theme at my party back in April. Stop laughing at me!

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