Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Isla Bonita

Sorry I haven't updated much - got lots of sun over the weekend, that's about it. We made it halfway to Rehoboth before we had to stop in some scary redneck town - Sean's car was having some, shall we say, technical difficulties. So scary auto shop in nowhereville Eastern Shore was no help, and we both figured we'd best turn back before we got stuck in a cornfield. (Drunky - you can put down that "Black Magic for Dummies") The weekend wasn't totally ruined; we hung out by the pool at both his place and mine, so that was nice.

And in beach-related news, Sean and I are taking a much-needed getaway at the end of next month to the Caribbean. So here's Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" to get us in that mood...
I so envision myself dancing around in that red flamenco dress. "Last night I dreamed of San Pedro...It all seems like yesterday not far away..."

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