Sunday, June 08, 2008

SPF 100

Staying indoors today has been, as has having air conditioning in the car! Sean and I did what any sensible person would do today when it's 100 outside- we went shopping! I got lots of cute new summer stuff. You know, I do feel a bit bad for Sean, I know shopping with me can not be fun for other person. It's probably very similar to how straight men feel shopping with their girlfriends. You know what I'm talking about, that bored stiff guy waiting by the dressing room, holding a purse and staring at his toes. Fortunately where we went there were lots of cooking-related stores, so being the chef that he is, there were stores to occupy him why I dealt with more important issues like shoes.

We put of "Sex and the City" because Margo's not feeling well - get well soon!! Last night I hung out with my friend from Richmond, Laura, and two of her friends who were in town for the night. Besides getting walloped with a flash storm that came out of nowhere, we had fun.

Oh, and I have to laugh - I was reading P's blog, and he mentioned a quote that referred to my hometown as "a faded seaside resort." Now being a native son of Virginia Bitch Beach I can attest that it is quite faded. And when VB isn't persecuting witches (no, not me, I'm referring to my predecessor the locally-famous Witch of Pungo) it is home to trashy people, who I won't name here, but one of whom tried to fuck with one of my best friends, a fellow witch. Say, didn't they have really bad tornadoes recently? LOL

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