Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall...

So today while grabbing lunch I saw this lady trip and fall. She tripped on nothing but air, too, which makes it funnier. And I don’t mean just stumble, I mean she full-on ate concrete!

Ok, so maybe I had to laugh a little. The point is embarrassing as it is, the same thing happened to me several weeks ago. I was walking around one evening and found myself falling head over heels (though fortunately I caught myself before I ate sidewalk).

To make matters worse a guy came up to help me…and he was an attractive older man! I wanted to die! I thought he was straight until… in my humiliation I was trying to scramble away after a brief thank-you, but he stopped me to say: “You should fall more often, it makes a cute guy like you more approachable.”

By this point I’m sure I was blushing. But as you probably know, flattery will get you everywhere with me. The man kept trying to chat with me before I made some lame excuse about having to be somewhere. The point is:

a) Why does this only happen to me when I’m in a relationship!! Mr. handsome older man where were you two years ago when I slipped on ice?
b) Lesson for all of us: though your backside an egos may be bruised, next time you want to grab someone’s attention, try falling! Apparently it makes you approachable!

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