Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Converging of Storms

So, I’m looking forward to a weekend at home this weekend. Boston was fun – Tom Brady is like god there - his face is all over the place. It's a good thing I left Sean at home. And I got that eerie feeling when I hit the gay clubs, as I was in Drunky McDrunkerson’s home turf. It was like some disturbance in the Force, complete with rain and lighting lol. Next week I’m traveling with the other “witches” to Utah, which I’m looking forward to.

I found out I’m getting my stimulus check from the IRS, which needs to hurry and get here. It’s the only good thing Bush has done in 8 years, but talk about a day late and $600 short. And I know what my friend P thinks about Obama getting the nomination. Personally, I think I’ve become so turned-off by things (and I realize it’s rather self-indulgent) that I don’t really care which Dem. runs, just so long as they win. Either way, Obama/Hillary (let’s call them Obillary) are afraid to touch the “M” word. Instead they dance around marriage equality by saying “civil unions” or “domestic partnerships” etc. So basically I’m still looking at Canada or the UK for sooner-than-later emigration.

Things are looking up and up for Sean. I won’t jinx things but he has some great new opportunities I don’t think he’s interested in the LA chefing job, though, so you all won’t be losing us to SoCal. My friend M is of to SoCal, actually – safe travels M and I will keep posting McDreamy for you on Wednesdays!

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