Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Well, first a hat-tip to Phillip who's over in the UK right now for the extra publicity for my blog :)
I hope everyone had a hAApy Memorial Day weekend! It was much-needed on my part. I had planned on going away for the weekend, but Sean and I have been spending some quality time together that we desperately needed. it was his first night off in over 2 weeks.
By "quality time" that means we were lazy, napped in the park, ate, went furniture shopping (I realized I had a new desktop but no desk to put it on!). We sound like a boring old lesbian couple, I realize.
I went out a few of the nights, I visited my family on Sunday. I went to a Memorial Day get together at my friend Ozzy's place yesterday.
Other than that Sean and I are planning vacation. I'm actually on the phone with him right now - we're discussing the idea of moving to Los Angeles together, he got a job offer there. Don't worry we're not planning on moving yet, though I do like L.A.

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