Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trend Graveyard : Jorts!

I know this post seems out of place given my mood lately, but after a walk through Dupont Circle today, I feel compelled as a public service to denounce a clothing article that should be dead and buried with the 80's and 90's : jean shorts AKA "jorts."

What's even worse is I have seen young gay men wearing them!! Really, we are supposed to be the paragon of style. Even I have my "off days" but I have never sunk so low as to wear jean shorts. People, stop this travesty already.

I suppose "daisy dukes" are OK for trailer park women, but no man in his right mind should wear jean shorts. No. Put them in the trash. Don't even donate them to the homeless. There is nothing sexy or appealing about a man in jean shorts. The only thing that complements jean shorts are mullets and beer-hats. Don't be that guy.

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