Monday, April 07, 2008

Turn Around, Brighteyes!

Total 80's ballad cheeze!! Does anyone know what the hell happened to Bonnie Tyler? I miss her 10,000 cigarette voice. I told Sean if we ever get married the one stipulation is he has to sing me "Total Eclipse of the Heart" ala karaoke at our reception.

On the personal side of things, I've finally started feeling better after a restful weekend. I felt bad I missed Crystal's birthday party among other things. I really don't have much to report at all except I slept a lot and stayed inside for the most part. Sean came over and I was afraid of getting him sick, but so far so good. I had coffee with Fernando briefly and that was about it. Reminder: my birthday is not that far away! I'm already getting very excited about it!
And now to close out with my other fav Bonnie Tyler song. I need a hero!!

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