Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dan Abrams is a Hot Piece

So weekly I've been going over to the apartment of someone who lives in my building for their American Idol parties/gatherings. Yes, I know, I've been sucked into American Idol (it's actually not bad this season). By the way, can I get some of the pills Paula Abdul is on? She's always so nice and never has anything mean to say...granted she can hardly put together a coherent sentence, but still.
Anyway afterwards my friend was flipping channels and we came across Anderson Cooper. I mentioned how he is my "husband." I then got into an argument with said friend who happens to think Dan Abrams is hotter.
It pains me so much to say this, but he may have a point: Dan Abrams is hot.
Don't be angry with me Andy. You always have my heart. Dan Abrams just some ho!

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