Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The XXVII Jubilee!

So in “upcoming events” there is some Irish guy and some guy who got crucified – but let’s talk about the important holidays – like my birthday!!

So save the date – Sat. April 19th will be the day (my actual b-day falls on a Wednesday – yuck). I haven’t sent out my annual themed Evites yet as I haven’t decided where to hold court. Banana Café was a lot of fun last year, I could do that again as a starting off point. I was also considering Halo or some other place to begin the evening with good cocktails and comfy seating. Yes, even ____, if you’re reading this, can come. Make his a virgin diet coke!

Well give me your feedback as to where (no, JR’s is not an option). I think I might also have a pre-drinks dinner. If it’s anything like years past we will all need food!

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