Friday, March 28, 2008

Daddy-complex Diner

For some reason, the 18th & U Diner is the place to be on D.C., esp. for the worst trash that DC's gay "scene" has to offer. Now, as a guy who loves older men (paging Anderson Cooper and my side-fling Dan Abrams!) you would think I would LOVE the Duplex Diner (or as I refer to it, the Daddy-complex Diner).
But all the guys there seriously are so in love with themselves. Newsflash: you're only "A list" in this pathetic backwater called Washington. Try pulling it off in a real 1st class city like London and see how far you get. I only mention this because I went into that swamp last night with some friends. It's always rubbed certain friends and I the wrong way, so it was ironic I had a better time at JR's (I know, right!).
Speaking of which, someone told me that JR's used to be a church - no wonder I hate the place! It's like in The Omen when they tried to take little Damien to church! That shit burns!

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