Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Poison Pen

I’ve been thinking a name change is due for some time – you may’ve noticed small changes here and there, and now Adam’s Deep Blog has been reinvented as The Poison Pen.

The name came about, actually, last Tuesday night at a certain 80’s night. I was with a group of friends, one of whom asked “Why is it so dead here lately?” and others began joking about my blog’s rather blunt assessment of certain establishments,

“Adam’s poison pen… or should we say poison keyboard!”

I'd find it amusing if my words had that much power to curse, alas. The reference further extends from one of my/our favorite films, the wonderful All About Eve. Watch this gem staring Bette Davis if you haven’t – it truly is one of the bitchiest movies ever.

What’s been new in my life? I had a much-needed 3-day weekend. Sean and I spent time together Saturday and Sunday. There’s a great place we went for dinner Saturday called Sette near Dupont. They have great Italian food- I recommend it! On Sunday I actually got Sean to try Ethiopian – and he liked it! I guess he had a bad experience years ago trying it at some place in Maryland (that says it all right there LOL) so he was scared to try it. But I’m happy to report he liked the place I took him to, Meskerem, so much he wants to go back! I could eat that injera bread all day long.

A Happy Birthday to our friend Marc!! (also a speedy recovery on his injured thumb!) We are celebrating tonight at Marrakesh Palace. I think it’s really nice what they did with that place – do any of you remember when it was “Mr.P’s?” I realize the place had historical significance to the gay community, but I remember that place was scary – as is structurally. You could feel your feet sinking into the rotting wood floors as you walked across it. CREEEK! I heard it cost the new owners a pretty penny to gut the place. Having been there for dinner once already – it’s got wonderful food and belly dancing, and if you’re lucky you can get the Middle-Eastern style couches.

Oh, and last night was a lunar eclipse. I had no idea until Sean called me to tell me to look outside!

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