Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Years In & Outs! 2008 Edition

So here is my list of ins and outs for 2008!

OUT: American Fug-parrel! - Ugh, how did this "clothing" store even get off the ground? I have never understood their shit, though I know people who love them. At least H&M has the Euro-chic thing going for it, but American Apparel makes me think more K-Mart than Paris. Sorry guys. Fug!
IN: Any store other than that.

IN: Town
OUT: 17th St. Is it just me or is the 17th St. vibe d-e-a-d?

IN: Tom Brady. As the French say, "le sigh!"
OUT: Anderson Cooper - ok, maybe not totally out, but I think I'd rather hit Tom Brady first. Don't worry, Andy, you're number 2 on my list.

IN: Facial hair - Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenho, Tom Brady... they can't all be wrong!(and no I'm not copying Sean by growing a beard. It just sort of happened over the course of Festivus that I decided to stop shaving... and there you have it.)
OUT: Faux-hawks. Why do I still see people with the faux-hawk/mohawk or whatever bastardized version? It's time to put that in the trend graveyard. R.I.P.

IN: Polar Bears
OUT: Penguins

IN: Britney-gate 2008! And throw in Amy Winehouse for extra entertainment
OUT: Paris and Lindsay... they are getting so boring these days.

OUT: Bush. Finally.
IN: A Democrat. Actually I'm starting not to care. Canada sounds nicer all the time.

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