Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning

Some days don’t you want to just stay in bed? I always have a hard time getting up on Mondays, and especially winter mornings, where it’s much better to just hide under the covers.
This weekend was rather low-key – Sean and I met some friends out Saturday (it seems every place other than Town is dead these days on Fri & Sat), David is still here from London with Phillip. Sean and I spent yesterday visiting the “Little Korea” that is Annandale, VA. It really is worth a visit if you haven’t been before. Basically the stretch along Columbia Pike and Little River Tpk has a ton of Korean shops and restaurants – it’s odd that you can’t find a decent Korean place in the city, but they are to be found in abundance in Annandale. We had dinner at what I swear is the best Korean food outside of Korea – a place called Sorak Garden we’d read about. It was amazing, and I can’t wait to go back with a large party!
Next week I will going to a conference in Detroit, MI. Because Detroit in February will be so pleasant I’m sure. Actually I think it will be fun, and my aunt lives there so I can visit her at the same time. Oh, and the week after that I have jury duty! Somehow all these years in the District and Virginia I’ve managed to not be called, but it seems my time has come – wish me luck in that I can leave early and not be selected!
Also, Valentine’s Day is coming – a very important day – but I haven’t decided what to do yet! I need fresh ideas – anyone?!

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