Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK Weekend

It feels weird to be back at work today, it seemed like such a long weekend. I was thrilled to have Sean almost all weekend, too (being a chef, it’s rare our schedules match up). We didn’t make any big plans, we stayed around here pretty much. Friday night we celebrated Fred’s birthday at McCormack & Schmidt’s.

Somehow in all these years I hadn’t been there – it was really nice! I love the private booths – I wish more restaurants did that actually. It was great to see Fred, Margo, and Crystal. Oh, and I have to upload soon this kimono Marc bought me in Vietnam. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but it's something else!
Saturday we checked out the leather exhibition, we went out to a few of the events, and Phillip was back from his travels and his friend David from London is here with his for a week or so. It was so cold this weekend, too! It was definitely a more indoors weekend, making hot tea and stuff during the day.
Sunday night I went back to Russia House for dinner, and we joined Charlie for awhile at Cobalt. I’m not big on karaoke but it can be entertaining to watch. Then certain friends thought it would be good idea to go the closing leather dance at 9:30 club, so we went – and for the first time I’m hoping I actually do not show up in the MetroWeekly photos. It was a very interesting night. And yesterday I did very little except laundry and ordered a pizza!

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