Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mid-week Update

It's Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to this weekend (3-days!) It will also be, interestingly enough, "Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend." I remember years ago in my youth I was always afraid of it, as I lived by the hotel that always hosts the leather-daddy-filled event and I was forced to walk by and feel, well, like a piece of chicken at KFC. Granted I'm still a chicken, just maybe not a spring chicken ;) In related news, after my snafu at the Leather Rack, I now have a $50 gift certificate to use there, which I have told Sean he can buy whatever he wants for us ;) But what to buy? Hmmm suggestions? And don't say "butt plug."
In other news my friends are bugging me encouraging me to come visit them in Canada, so I may go at some point soon, though I think I may wait until it gets warmer. Let's see... the Patriot's won again this weekend, remaining undefeated. I know this, of course, because I watched to see Tom Brady. Sigh. He's like catnip. He makes me happy. "Chef Tom"/Sean and I had a rather quiet week - not much new!
Oh, I must add a Happy Birthday to Fred!

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