Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Liver Hurts

Here's the re-cap, you knew you were waiting for it:
The Mother Land...
So Friday evening after work I went with a co-worker and some friends to Russia House, north of Dupont Circle. The food is unique (I mean, when was the last time you went out for Russian?) the drinks were great, and the ambiance was very... Moscow mafia. I do reccomend it for the experience, even if it is a bit over-pricey.

Birthday Drinking Rehearsal
Saturday I went out with a friend who offered to take me anywhere I wanted to go, in exchange for missing my birthday next week. Now you know those are the "famous last words." So we went for dinner at Banana Cafe in Capitol Hill. Afterwards I went for more drinks at Halo though he wasn't too crazy about the whole non-smoking thing. Speaking of which, this smoking ban...don't get me started. So he dragged me into the Funeral Parlour because he could smoke there. Of course I was surrounded by people I didn't want to see (ex. Mussolini, not at an AA meeting) so I didn't even finish my first drink before we went over to Cobalt. I have mixed feelings about the place, but that was a good night. I ran into a peaceful ex, Sergei, (note his lack of a dictator's name) and we had a great time.

Easy Like Sunday Morning
So after getting home late, I woke up surprisingly well, and after coffee, I spent the afternoon checking out the National Museum of the American Indian. While some of the exhibits seemed a bit off, overall the architecture of the building is very interesting. It's worth a visit just to say you went. Margo, Fred, & myself returned to Singapore Bistro (formerly Cafe Asia) for dinner. A new favorite place to add to my list.

Don't Dance with Daddies
So when I got home from dinner, Fernando texted me to go get drinks, so we went to Halo. By the way, new favorite drink, the pineapple mojito (it just keeps getting better every visit!). We realized it was the final night of Lizard Lounge, closing due in part to the stupid smoking ban. Lizard Lounge, held at 1223 Conn. Ave NW, was a gay Sunday night dance party that had lasted 7 years. It will be missed!
So I learned some final lessons that night from the Lizard... don't dance with daddies unless you're prepared to go home with them. It's a long story, but thanks Fernando for abandoning me to them, I'll remember that. =)
Monday morning hurt.
But at least my laptop has been repaired and I had a lunch date with that guy in building...

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