Thursday, March 02, 2006

In With a Lion...

Welcome to March, may it be a less drama-filled month than Febru-scary was. There were some developments in my life.. Sunday night I went out with Fernando and Heather again, and yes, we wound up at "the Funeral Parlour" JR's (I really, really, really, need to start steering them away from that place).
SO I ran into someone unexpectedly (and oddly, not working as usual for Sunday nights). It did make me feel somewhat better to say some things I wanted to say. What's funny is how I originally envisioned such a meeting (flying barstools, broken beer bottles), vs. how it really happened. I can honestly say I am not angry anymore, I feel closure now (it's what I deserve, and I have as much as I'll get).

In other news, there isn't too much. I went out Tuesday night for Mardi Gras/Retro Night at Cobalt, which was a lot of fun.

Friday night, tomorrow, I have a date. Not saying anything will come of it one way or the other, but I definately am glad to be moving on and meeting other guys. Still not sure where to have dinner!


Anonymous said...

My god, if you hate JR's so much what the hell do you keep going for? I have never read a blogg with so much drama. Get a clue already or go see a shrink

Adam said...

Um... Then why the fuck are you reading this?

You win "Wanker of the Month" award. Toodles.

Oh, and "blogg" is correctly spelled "blog."

The Management