Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why'd Ya Have to Go and Make Things So Complicated?

Well, first, my favorite "black asprin" AKA Diet Coke, has come out with a new flavor... Diet Black Cherry Vanilla. And it's quite good. When you drink as much diet soda as I do, you appreicate these things.

Anyway, this WAS a great weekend. Friday started off with a huge group, includinng co-workers Phillip, Fernando, Maile, this new Russian girl, others, my friends Fred and Margo, at Cafe Citron. Then we moved to Buffalo across the street, and from there drinks and dancing at Cobalt. A friend of Fernando's is visiting out of town this week, Heather, and I really like hanging out with her (she's thinking of moving to the District, and I hope she does).

The next night I had sushi with Dena at Sakana, and talked all about the mess that was my love life. She gave me a unique perspective since her imfamous "Bob" had an alcohol problem as well. So her advice has made me see my former a little bit clearer. After dinner I met up with Fernando and Heather for starter drinks. We didn't stay long, and continued the night at Apex, drinking and dancing the night away. We wound up at Annie's on 17th around 3:30, with an interesting entourage we picked up at Apex. That was an awesome night, and it felt good to dance with cute guys all night long.

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