Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crappy Valentine's Day

Well yet another man has managed to ruin yet another Valentine's Day. Good thing I was able to get my money back on those flowers before the order went through last week.
I suppose I have another dictator to add to my list (those who know me will know my habit of referring to ex-boyfriends by various totalitarian dictators). Thus far we have Hitler (Casey), though I am not sure if other necessarily apply. I mean, PJ was no dictator, and I don't think Jim amounted to much... maybe a lesser dictator, like say, Mussolini, or Pol Pot...
So this last one, "P"... any ideas which dictator he will go down in Adam's history as? Kim Jong Il? Chairman Mao? Stalin? Let's take a poll!

Oh well, at any rate, if there a less-than-special someone in your life, send them one of these cards!

Oh, and thanks to Margo for the great Valentine's day lunch, it cheered me up! =)Tonight I plan on going to Cobalt's tuesday night retro party.

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David Bussard said...

the dictator idea is hilarious. I just characterized a bunch of men in my life as birds... a little less stinging, but less funny as well.