Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well, my favorite month is here again, and it's already been a whirlwind, four days into it. Dena says it's my favorite month because I'm "Lucifer incarnate," keeping with the theme of the Halloween season. Old bitch. Anyway, I'll just give you all some updates on my life.
Speaking of Dena, I had the pleasure of having lunch with her in the Circle. Well, by pleasure I mean an hour of her nibbling at my food and gossiping and telling me I'm Lucifer incarnate. Some other fun things that happened were having dinner Friday with Fred and Margo at Pizza Paradiso on P St. I had a wonderful pizza, and it's great to see Margo coming out and about.


Sunday night I went with them and a new guy named Mark, first to an Ethiopian restaurant on U St called Dukem. Ethiopian food is always a unique experience, though not for the timid of tastes, perhaps. I liked it anyway.

After dinner we went to see The Decemberists, who played at the 9:30 Club. The opening band, Sons and Daughters, were so-so, but I have to say that The Decemberists fucking ROCKED live! I like their albums, but of all the bands I've seen play, they have been among the top rock bands that put on a really good show.

The Rental Life

Well, it's time for Adam the nomad to pick up and find a new apartment.

So this week I have nearly exhausted myself, emotionally at least, trying to find a place. You know, in the past 4 years prices have skyrocketed, building waiting lists seem to be longer and longer.
But one thing hasn't changed: the bitchy attitude of building managers! Ok, is it just this city, or is this a pervasive problem? Tell me!

It seems like EVERY building manager in the District is a through-with-life nasty old woman who thinks she is a Divine Representative of God Himself for giving you any information. God forbid actually show you the property!!


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Washington Cube said...

No apartment for YOU!

Washington Cube Was Here. #193

Ian said...

Adam, you seem to eat with Dena frequently these days. Are you in luv? Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah. Bahahahahahaha
Just kidding.