Saturday, September 24, 2005

Falling for Fall / Dinner with Dena

Welcome to Autumn, as it began on Thursday. This, for me, has always been the season of new beginnings. Kind of ironic, I realize. Everything is dying and getting colder, so it follows my life would be going great! Sigh...
So this week has been a truly weird week. For starters, I saw "Uranium Man" (see earlier entries) getting arrested for standing in the middle of the 14th St Bridge...only to see him again Thursday night, free, while meeting a friend for dinner in Adams Morgan (crazy people sure do get around!)
Monday my job was working in a partnership with a clean-up/revitalization of a public park in Northeast DC ("In the the ghetto..."). It was a choice between sitting in an office all day or getting out for fresh air to help plant trees... so I chose to help plant trees. It was a lot of work, actually.. these were not baby trees like I expected. Digging god knows how many holes. But the whole thing was incredibly butch and I was trying to figure out the guys there that played for my team.
I had dinner with Tom at Spaghetti Garden on 18th Thursday night, which was great to see him again. But by far the weirdest thing that happened this week was...

Dinner with Dena

After work I was at SOhO waiting for Ken to meet me for coffee, when Dena herself comes waltzing across the street. The whole thing was so weird! First she accused me and Raven of stealing things from her apartment...then Her, Ken and I were at DC Cafe having dinner together. Must've been the full moon!

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