Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Sunday is the day of rest as they say, so today I've just been relaxing at home. I had all sorts of grandiose plans involving sunday brunch in Gaytown, getting up and kicking ass... but after I got home last night/morning, I slept until 1pm. Oh well.
This is going to be an intersting week for me, wish me luck. And you actually CAN wish me luck (for shits & giggles) at this site. It's a virtual candle-lighting, like the ones you see in churches and temples. Light one for me...

Trend Graveyard

And while I'm on the topic of rituals, it's time to hold a farewell ceremony (we hope) for yet another overkilled trend from 2004 that somehow survived into 2005...
Behold, the Livestrong Bracelets (and their miriad copycats):

Ugh! I can say I don't have any friends who wear these stupid fucking plastic bracelets. I used to have a few, but let's say it's now one of my red-flag criteria for instant dismissal. These stupid bracelets say "I follow whatever stupid fucking trend comes...AND I'm helping a charitable cause."
FUCK YOU! If you wear these, I hope you get 2nd-hand cancer from all the cigaretts I'm smoking. I'm going to make my own Livestrong bracelet. It will be black leather from an endangered species and all proceeds will go to developing a virus that will wipe out all stupid people. And it will be manufactured by Phillip Morris.

Ah what a pleasant sunday morning... birds are chirping....
Grin smile grin grin
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