Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Update on My life

So let's see what's new in my life. Well I may be going to grad school (yes, that's still up in the air as funding from mommy and daddy is non-existant), I potentially have a new job. I KNOW I should have bee looking harder. After all, I've had all summer long to find a job, but it's proved harder than I imagined. I am also (along with the job thing) trying to move out on my own again. I loved my time living in Washington (DC, not the state that is) and having to move back in with my parents after some sour events proved humiliating to say the least. What can I say? I love my independence, despite living at home and not paying rent. Rent is worth every penny when you have your own life =) I am hopeful everything will fall into place as it needs to.

Adam is also looking for new love (yes, I speak of myself in the third-person sometimes). So if you are, or know anyone who is, an attractive young gay male feel free to contact me. And now that I'm done with my shameless self-promotion, on to the news.

Did anyone out there see the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Athens? Having been to Greece and thus developing an obsession with Hellenic culture, all I can say is it was a truly beautiful ceremony that covered three millenia of Greek history, mythology and philosophy. Wishing I was back there...
As far as the sports themselves are concerned, I really got a thrill from watching the swimming events, namely US swimmer Michael Phelps. Yum.

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